Wednesday, May 20

Serenity Circle - May, 2020


the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Another month of uncertainty.  Another month of self-quarantine.  Another month in this, our new normal.  

This month I purchased the All-Encompassing Creative Toolkit from DesignCuts.  I also took a class from Kim Klassen which explored this bundle and all the amazing possibilities.  Kim is an awesome teacher and so generous with her time and creativitiy.

I spent the better part of this month creating graphics with inspirational quotes.  Creating these graphics brought me a sense of calm and peace.  I came to terms with the prospect of leaving my house and found it to be quite easy.  My daughter and grandson both had birthdays this month and the thought of not being with them far outweighed my fear of leaving my sanctuary.  I actually went to my daughter's house twice this month.  I am not ready to go out into crowds yet, but I feel so proud that I actually went out.

I decided to share my graphics in the hopes that they may be helpful to some else.

The Serenity Circle is a collaborative photography project. The photographers who participate wish to bring a sense of peace and calm to their imagery. Please continue the circle to the beautiful work of  Eileen Critchley, Ohio Photographer  to see what brought her some serenity this month.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.  I'd love to hear from you so jot a comment and tell me how you're doing.  Peace to all!


  1. What a lovely project. I have heard of Kim Klassen and think I spotted her workshop advertised on Facebbook. It looks interesting and it's brill you gained some serenity hours of enjoyment from this course. Being busy definitely helps during these times and if such can be done in a relaxing way, all the better.

    Your projects look "so professional". Look forward to seeing lots more. Thanks for sharing the downloads too. Live quotes as you know. Very kind.

    Take care Pam. Xx

  2. Such beautiful quotes. I am glad that you were able to visit with family. I have had meltdowns having to leave the house, so I totally understand the apprehension.